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Asia Metalloys is a leading and growing International Steel Trading organization, reckoning its position among the top-notch traders. This is exemplified by its world class structures and services.It is also India's blossoming trading company that meticulously cultivates flowers of concrete and glass for raw material use. Each structure follows the pattern of a distinct signature. We carved a niche for ourselves in the burgeoning field of trading and services. The company has consistently set quality benchmark in trading by supplying world class materials in prime Countries.

Asia Metalloys international steel trading company was set up an decade ago, formally by Mr. Pradeep Kumar Sinha (Chairman) having enriched experience in Iron & Steel Industry. The company has good experiece management team can provide solution to buyer and advise current prevailing market.

The mission of Mr. Pradeep Kumar Sinha (Chairman) was to create a lifestyle outside the garden of supplying the raw material to the existing and new buyers.

Apart from this, they have greater status de persona in their social, economic and family spheres. The results show the value and importance of their performance in the field of trading.

The Company has pooled in endowment and proficiency from varied backgrounds, like raw materials, Ferro alloys, Minerals & Ores, Metals, Non Ferrous etc. to efficiently accommodate varied requirements of the clients. 

The highest standards are set by the Group in its pursuit to position International market on par with the developed economies of the world, and a vision to reach and remain at the commanding heights of supplying raw materials and finished products.

The company's ability to meet the special requirements of the international market and clients stems from the strong foundations of professionalism. The company's passion for exceeding industry benchmarks is evident in its ability to redefine value engineering - project after project - reinforcing the best of conceptual innovation and cutting-edge better technologies.

We create a niche for our clients in raw materials and finished goods, looking beyond steel and concrete, to redefine life and lifestyle. We raise the benchmark of excellence by creating high quality material & believing in long term relationship with our partners that are at par with prestigious addresses across the globe.

We try to achieve international quality standards through cutting-edge engineering and intelligent resource management.



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